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Monks Mastery. [message #173] Tue, 23 May 2017 05:42 Go to next message
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the Enchanting Heroine of Object Manipulation
So was requested this, guess i'll try to flesh it out best I can. Don't hesitate to add anything you can.

Monks in my opinion are one of the noobie friendly classes due to the fact you don't have to use weapons. You get compensated for two sets of fists that apply damage nouns of unique affect (Ie Fire/Chi/Divine, etc). These fists work extremely well, but you must also pay an EXTREME amount of observation to your opponents. Since monks are a blunt plus your two other fists, that gives you three damage nouns. That is all. People can get very tactical and very smart with this knowledge, so always be paying attention to what your opponent is doing.

Triggers - are great for monks, make sure though you disable the key triggers that cause a two round lag (UNLESS REQUIRED) off. You're going to want to stay movement heavy when it comes to your class. Harmony will drop all your abilities/most if not all negative affects on your character for the cost of sufficient mana. This is why utilizing one round abilities after a harmony like chant, are fine because you can harmony in a room while hidden then activate abilities and run off. Giving you some space to activate the more important ones.

Monks are EXTREMELY mastery ridden. The higher you are in your %, the better you will perform. Like most classes yes, but with monks this is essentially important. You want to make sure you maximize all damage that you can muster while retaining all the movement + dodging as well.

I have always found that the beginning ranks are essentially the mastering off what you can. Dirt kick every opponent, kick when they are blind, trip, etc. Use as much as you can up until you hit the appropriate level to use nerve.

Nerve - head through the past. Once you hit the crossroad your going to want to head towards the knights (north or south, can't remember). Once you run to the knights you may have to kill one, use a pass door potion, or request someone to kill them. Bring lots of water and food cause you will be down here for awhile. Grab the key and head down into the catacombs. Once there, find one of the mummies sleeping. The ones sleeping alternate every OTHER doorway. Sit there, set up a trigger, master nerve. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY, you will regret not doing it.

Hide and Sneak - Do not Practice these abilities to 75%. Sit and set a trigger to master these abilities. May take a bit, but the extra four pracs will pay off.

Detect hidden - another not to practice. Set a trigger to activate it, (may take a few minutes) then from the cross roads head towards the toward forest, taking the first exit from there to find a brick path. Along this brick path will be a door with squirrels behind it. These squirrels hide and there are roughly 4 - 5 in the area. Set some triggers to look eat/drink food and you're set. Come back when mastered.


Advanced hand to hand - do not practice. Master hand to hand, then watch as it masters itself.

Throw - You want to master if you are a higher rank at Pylt in Tyr-Zinet. It serves two purposes to master your throw and roll from pylt. WARNING : Pylt is a one room area in Tyr-Zinet. If you enter the guild and attack pylt, when you re-enter he is consistently and always agro after. If someone is chasing you, this is not a good place to train. If you are lower levels still, you can convince someone to bring the lion and lady from tarot tower to the winged man, or the justice. Sit there and let those mobs tank while you throw. The lion/lady are level 60 mobs, the lower your level the more you will master throw, at a faster rate.

Palm/Rugged training - As soon as you obtain either ability, go and grab a full set of the heaviest armor you can find. Imperial knight armor, mithril armor, anything heavy. Fill a sack from griff in Emerald Forest, once you do that wear the sack plus the heaviest stuff you can wear. That should give you a MASSIVE encumbrance. Set some triggers again, and come back when it's mastered.

Fast Healing/Meditation/Chant/Iron will/Endure/Healing Trance/(Special school skills) - A big trick to master fast healing/meditation as well as giving you an extra bonus to your mind while your master is to grab the robe of pain from Vargg Shih. Priest has it there, and Crusader wannabes can use it. Drops your health by 200 but increases your mana by 200.

Wear it for a tick at full hp, let the robe take the two hundred hp from your health. Wake up, remove the robe. This will activate fast healing to kick in while your mastering your abilities, without having to train at the guildmaster and PRAY that you get it to go up later on. Always better to start on these two abilities as SOON as you can, since they are automatic, not activated.

Dodging abilities - If your still having trouble with your block, dodge, evasive dodge, etc. Grab a high level mob with hearty hp, or one you know you can deal with at your current level that has higher hp. Even the guildmasters work too. hit a bunch of creatures and flee. Return to the high level mob and start fighting it. While your doing this you'll master dodge or whatever faster due to more attacks comin in. Watch your HP though. If I ever had trouble, I went to tarot tower brought a few of the lordlings and ladylings to a room then sat there. There's other ways.

Special School Skills - There's a couple tricks to the school skills to master them. Blind-fighting is quite easy due to the fact you have NUMEROUS items in the game that will blind you. Sancho's joke store for instance. Eye of the tiger will activate on camoflaged things, so go find rangers or elves in the forest. Dragon Chant I am pretty sure masters automatically the more you walk around on water. Make sure you have a boat out during this time tho. Dim-mak is just spam.

I hate crane monks, really. I do. So if anyone wants to chime in to master their ability, feel free. I ain't gonna try.

So. Since most of the people whom have troubles playing monks are Crusader wannabe's imma use that to lay out what I would use for beginning ranks up until 35 - 40. If you want another set... your SOL, you have enchanters/id/etc. Razz

Rings - Opals work from fairy lords near Elvenhame, Gem-studded rings from Village elder in elven village. Obsidian signet rings from the obsidian diplomat in giant castle, Razor edges from Arkham Legion, strikings from ethshar, once strong enough bone rings from Underdark.

Necklaces - Calico cat collars high tower, spiked collars from rover Aselan, tattered white capes darkmists caves, elven cloaks (someone help me here.. always forget these) Collars of justice in the Past if I am correct.

Torso - gown of white samite in emerald forest, lady lareas gown in aselan, mithril vest from dark mist caves vest of rowan leaves near elven village through the door to windreach.

Head - Crown of slimy seaweed on the southern sea, Crown of rowan leaves, amethyst hair clasp in elvenham, wild flowers near gallow hill.

Eyes and Ears - Patch from bluebeard, same with earrings. Once your strong enough convince someone to get you sharp studded earrings, or the earrings from the first maid in gul'doran. Earrings from Darkmist caves work well too.

Arms - red sleeves from glyndane library, flesh of a thousand creatures beneath arkham, silk sleeves tyr-zinet.

Leggings Green forest leggings from near the archer on the trail to the draghir. Dark leather from obsidian fortress, silk from tyr-zinet.

Body - Cow skin. I never used anthing other until Sader. Cloak from Rock fist.

Hands - Gloves of green silk draghir. From altar in elvenhame magic forest. Never was good with hand wear till later ranks.

Feet - Fur boots from the plains barbarian, silk slippers from tyr-zinet. Slippers of Sun from Thaloc.

Bracers - Iron studded from rock fist, thin iron from arkham, leather bracelets from aselon.

While you are taking your set into account, you want to consider one hidden tool tip. Monks fist operate well off the higher the hit-roll you have. Yes DamRoll does not cap, but you can also essentially cap your damage at a certain amount of DR due to not having a sharp flag or armor piercing (UNLESS YOUR A TIGER). So to be safe, it's always a bit safer to have 10 more hit roll than your dam roll. I always shot to have at least 80-100 hit roll. The more the merrier.

Now in my personal opinion, these are what make each so great.

Mantis - I cannot express how great escape is. In combination with blindfighting is a blessing, Once your sader so many mobs/players will use blind abilities. To know your area is huge with Mantis, once you can choose where you want to head, you just then head out since you can see with blindfight. This skill also helps improve your dodging, even when blind. (Essentially negating blind, but not all the way). Extremely strong and durable when fighting mobs and players, but one HUGE downside. Mantis monks suffer from one of the worst banes. Half if not more things in this game will be immune to either one of your fists, or take SIGNIFICANTLY less damage from those fists. This can make running areas if the mob is resist blunt/resist negative go from 1 hour, to 3. Be prepared to spend sometime here. They cannot be compared though when in crusade due to Counter Attack. Counter attack negates their resistance/armor affect by a certain portion, increasing your damage output. Combine that with mastery/deathblow, yeah.. I hit someone once with a Divine/Counter/Palm/Deathblow, and watched them go poof even through Sanc. So it's not a joke.

Snake monks - I cannot express how fast these guys can run areas, to the + affects of running areas. If you are good at running trinkets, using heals etc, you can run through areas with dim-mak in about twenty-minutes to an hour. Combine snakes with the fact they can lower strength in two different ways due to poison, plus dim-mak, you now are an anti warrior. Combine dim-make for a mage now, you can negate their affects of their spells or damage output. Not guaranteed, but once it hits... your in the high ground. The only monk class to be given a knockout ability. You get to choose when you land it so many options. Combined with the fact you have poison dust to blind without an initate, plus the fact you can poison as well while asleep is huge. Can initiate with dim mak after for even more bonus, but downside to two round lag. Downside. Many people run + str items or + int items. Haste is also a frequent thing as well as resist poison or being not weak due to potion healing. One simple potion from wistfolk will negate your poison. Your all about burst, if you can't outburst someone you will NOT have the abilities to sustain like the other classes (Aside from Tiger, Stupid Tiger, tricks are for kids).

Dragon - I would love to say more but there is only one description that comes to mind. Ever watch blood sport? (If you haven't, go do it). Well Dragon monks remind me JVD's big burly american dumbass buddy. (not saying their stupid) Dragons are just EXTREMELY durable due to their iron skill of the dragon and I think -300 AC start with their abilities? Downside. They use fire fist. This can be negated through many various forms. Plus it's also a very popular racial resis. Plus side is it is also a very heavy fire vuln too, so it can work tit for tat. They don't get any addition offense aside from iron palm, and that's just a improved throw (without the guaranteed lagger) for now. HUGE BONUS : Dragons are the only monk race (unless a lottery character or branded) that allow you the fly option once you get your special school skill. No pesky hiding for any of them darn mages in rimmen or stupid fly cities *mutter*.

Tiger - Oh dear. Tiger's do not have a unique damage noun but get a bonus in addition for the loss. They are the only monk who does not have a fire (or unique damage noun fist) but they make up for it with Claw. Claw gives them the Sharp(unsure if you get armor piercing as well) flag. This makes it so you penetrate armor much easier. These monks excel in dealing as much damage as they can WHEN they hit. Their other fist gives them the RANDOM ability to perform something like a cripple/dim mak ability. Depending on the area hit by the rending fist, it can drop a stat. Str, dex, int are some of the initials. Spinning kick is a super great initiate ability. Do not underestimate pounce. Pounce has a chance to disarm the foes completely, unless sticky flagged. This can be a boon when fighting blade dancers/warrior heavy classes (aside from two hand wield). This is the one monk class where you can make a suitable argument for DamRoll>HitRoll due to the sharp flag.

Crane - Hate. Yeah. Despise. Sorry whoever loves this one.. but I am not one of them.

Spirit walk has been nerfed but it is still VERY viable. Don't think cause you can't sit in the guildhall to wander around the game, it does not have it's uses. I for one have used it to save me HUNDREDS of hours for various things. Always be thinking.

If you wanna play a EVEN better monk, once you learn all of this, get comfortable with the class. How to move. How to fight. How to chip away, you want to learn Trinkets. You want to have every defense option you can and advantage due to the fact you lose out on weaponry. The more you can sit in a battle to chip down an opponent or keep them frustrated, the more you will prosper in the end. Mix this in with quick healing items for a sader that include regeneration. This can couple in amazing combined with healing trance due to your low options to heal. Unless a friendly ranger is around, you are given five heals. You will never heal fast enough to outweigh someone running back to the healer and coming back. Always be thinking the next step ahead.

LEARN YOUR AREAS. SERIOUSLY. Your class will thank you, you will thank you, when you spend the odd day here or there NOT searching for gear, or the same areas you religiously do. Run around some new areas, figure them out, see where they lead. Start writing down directions for yourself then when your sitting there wanting to heal your mana, don't sleep. Run back and forth from these areas without looking. If you get lost in there, DON'T RECALL. Wander around, figure the area out, always be CHECKING, (YOU WILL SERIOUSLY PROSPER SO MUCH FROM THIS) every exit. Get into a room with just a south exit? Check n,w,e,u,d. For all you know there could be a secret area there that one of the mages may use in the future. Learn the dwarf forest inside and out. How to get to Elemental Canyon blind, how to get through it to the road blind, how to navigate to the shaman. All of these things will benefit you beyond comprehension. I know I repeat myself here, but it is the best thing to do, this was done to me. Once it's there, it's muscle memory.

Stay Calm. Biggest thing is to always stay calm. Getting beat up in the battle, flee out. Check what the log says to you. Is he dodging alot? Is he resistant to one of your fists? Is he resistant to blunt? Is he hasted? Does he have a bunch of trinket affects to negate your damage? Always be paying attention. Start a timer for yourself. (Sometimes rolling another character to quaff potions and figure out the time limit or rough time limit of ticks, is huge) You can use this advantage to feign weakness. Entice them in thinking your weak, knowing their abilities will fall as they try to sink in the kill then capitilize if able.

Learn your opponents. Learn where they run, who they worship. Sometimes if you die, just look at the items they wear. This will tell you an abundance of where they roam, what they check, or where they will retreat to when they are injured. Learn the cursed hidey hole traps of the game and AVOID CERTAIN DEATH areas when you are chasing some foes. Priests/AP's are not a joke. One mistake and one wrong tread somewhere, can lead you to a summon you will never escape.

This class requires an ABNORMAL amount of patience, but I promise if you put in the TIME, it will pay off. Save your trains for the end, put them into your hp, save a few for con if you want and watch as if you did this right and your rolls were decent... you should have roughly 950 - 1200 BASE hp. Yeah. Start rocking a 1500-1600 HP monk with 80 DR, and watch as they groan about your alchemy Wink

Enjoy the guide. Hope it's not to... jumbled.

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God of Trade, Master Topographer
That was insightful. You put a lot of work into that and I wanted to say thank you for it. It will definitely help someone out I know it was a refresher course for me.
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the Enchanting Heroine of Object Manipulation
Thanks. You're welcome. I have a few extra things to add to it, just want to tidy it up so it's readable.\

hope you enjoy your next monk aity Razz
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Wish I had the time to devote to a PC like I did in the old days. Doubt that'll be possible in the new reality I inhabit Razz
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the Enchanting Heroine of Object Manipulation
So didn't know how to edit, or if it's available... but wanted to add a few things.

Rings - Polished Electrum/Bone Rings from the Underdark. Striking rings from Ethshar. Opal rings from fairy lords and ladies under the forest west of Elvenhame. Rings from the Dark mists. Elven village rings from the Village Elder. Brass/Gold/Malachite rings from Gul'doran Castle.

Neckware - Ebony Amulets from Underdark. Capes (Tan/Billowing) darkmist caves. Jewel collars from Calico cat. Scarlet scarfs from the Serfs east of Glyndane. Light elven cloaks as well.

Eyeware - Glyndane Library. Darkmist caves on the babbling mage. Ofcol to buy. Patch from under arkham. Glasses from Gul'doran first maid.

Earrings - Dark mist caves, there are about 6 I believe. Check them all out. Earrings under arkham, Diamond studded. Earrings from Gul'doran castle.

Torso - I always used gown of white Samite from Emerald forest. Arborian chainmail when strong enough. Lady Larea's gown (Female only). Tyr Zinet silk vendor as well. Lavender dress. Tunics from Darkmist caves.

Head - Crown of Seaweed southern sea, Crown of Rowan leaves Elven village, Amethyst Hair clasp in Elvenhame. Wild flowers from gallow hill.

Legs - Cracked leather leggings from Poorhouse, Dark leather leggings from Obsidian Fortress. Tyr-Zinet Silk leggings, Leggings of green silk from Archer Trail.

Hands - Cracked gauntlets from poorhouse. Silk gloves from Tyr-Zinet. Camoflauge gloves from forest west of elvenhame in the altar. Green gloves woven from silk.

Sleeves - Glyndane library (various colors). Give 15,000 gold to the Enchanter with the sleeves you get a highly enchanted set. flesh of a thousand creatures under arkham.

Body - Gul'doran Robe from the guards. Egg of invulnerability from dark mists caves. Brown robe from dark mist caves. Rockfist cloak. Dark mist caves as well, various others.

Bracers - Brown leather bracelets from Aselan keep. Leather bracelets with studs from rock fist. Strong iron bracers from Dragon Tower. Thin steel from Underdark.

Feet - Dark mist caves definately, green shoes and natural linens. Silk slippers in Tyr-Zinet. Slippers of the sun.

Wanted to add a few things as well for preparation. If you're not a crusader that is.

- Wistfolk. Various different potions there will be your biggest friend. A few gold, saves on a harmony and a long wait time to heal your mana.

- Ofcol. You will be doing alot of walking in this game. Lembas leaves are your friend. Buy a bunch, they are 0.1 lbs.

- Silverwood. Various goodies there for potions. Wands as well for sanctuary. Best place to visit for Sanctuary wands.

- Gypsy camp. This place provides a few different things. Pit fiend will mainly be the one you use the most. Scroll of blue I think it is, is another bonuse AC modifier so it helps. If you don't have a ridiculous supply of gold, or are low on weight, I do not suggest buying these. They are really heavy, but worth the protections here.

- Fridhuni - Protection from Evil. Various other magical potions.

- Gul'doran - Has alot of goodies that offer higher level spells. Adamantite wands for NEUTRALS, They do cast a dark shadow. If you're good, not a smart idea.

- Arkham. I cannot tell you how important having curse ward is. That is going to be a huge benefit for you to keep alive since you're going to be running around alot.

- Thraccus as well. Amazing place. Endurance scrolls, Strength scrolls, various potions too.

- Gurtair blue green tablets? I think. There are ones that give spring rain there. Amazing HP regen.

Ideally if you wanna be well stocked. You want to have around 50,000 - 75,000 gold at the helm ready. May seem like a huge amount, but it will go a long way.

Start early. Monks are going to require alot of gold, a smart preparation list. It's always good to make a notepad and create a checklist of things. 10 preps, 5 pale potions from the Dale market, 20 strawberry's from wistfolk, etc. Figure out your weight for the carry stuff.

Figure out your exact measurement to be encumbered. Figure out how much bonus strength you have. (It doesn't hurt to ask someone with ID to ID something for you. When they do, copy paste it for yourself to a seperate sheet.) Once you figure out those measurements, act accordingly. I always prefered to have at least 3 bonus dex, and 5 bonus str. Make sure I was always like 2 - 3 lbs under weight limit as well. Always helps.

Thelgaard is a great place to train if your a lowbie monk, everyone forgets the arkham tree (only really ment for lower levels), Pleasant peasant near the chess-board.

Learn your areas you can hide. Some rooms you can some you cannot. Always when you're moving around be sneaking. Get into a habit of typing sneak after battles. Always a boon to have that advantage on your hands.

Saves, Saves, Saves. I forgot to mention how important saves are for you. You're a great Melee character, but you are given 0, absolutely, 0 tools to fight against magic. Since you have the advantage above most warriors with staves/wands/scrolls, you need to use this to all you can. Find the ones that increase your magical protection. No more sleeps/curses/blinds, always a +.

There are quite a few really good items out there that grant you extra boons beyond what scrolls or potions can offer, you just have to find them.

Race - Halfling are by far in most opinion are the all-time monk greats. Size small does wonder, no they don't hit as hard, but the size small makes up for almost anything.

I personally prefer Humans. Always loved them. I've played 21/22 Str and Dex monks, 20/23 Str and dex, 23/20 str and dex, makes for a really fun mixup. Just be prepared since you're size medium that every dex point you give up, will hamper you.
(There are some of the schools, Mantis/Snake, it is not smart to choose anything other than 3 dex, tiger is a viable option for 1 or 2 str, maybe even three if you wanna hit REAL hard, but lose your dodging so much)

Elves make a good option too, the vuln iron tho can be one of the worst things to deal with. Whenever I played elf monks, I always rolled Dragons. Always worked out pretty well.

Gnome. If you are seriously rolling a gnome as a monk, you are purely doing it to be out of the box. I do not need to assist you here, since you will know what to do. Good luck on your venture, it will be a brutal one Razz.

Healing Mats. There is a mat from Arkham you can buy when it's in. The mat of lions hair from north of the darkmist caves. Fluffy pillow from The kings pavilion near the entrance to DDA. Personal dream cloud in Gurtair. Sleeping mat vendor in Fridhuni as well. Tyr-Zinet has mats to sleep on. Always have a mat. I for some reason found that the Mat of lions hair or griffondown bedroll worked best. When it's in, #1 for you is portable palace. Yes you don't have charmies. Whatever. You don't have the same mana capacity these guys have, that heals it almost full in two ticks. Worth the gold.

Ivory Chalice gives HP regen from DDA, Topaz of Telradion from the Lich Samurai in Carnival. A couple other things you can hold as well that give you HP regen. Try to find some of these, or get someone to ID some hold items for you.

A comment from the editor : In my experience i've always played a few monks for a few houses for a set amount of reasons.

Mantis for crusader. They dodge so much, or are small or quick dex that counter defense is amazing. Cope that in with deathblow ontop of a counter-defense hit, PEW PEW. Blind fight makes windwall/blind, or all their other abilities useless.

Snakes have in my eyes, always been in light. Auto rescue angel, resistant to sleep. Extra hp. Lifeline. So many amazing things that give you a plus.

Dragons. Ideal for any house. One of those durable type monks that can be built as a tank wherever they go.

Tiger. Definately Crusader. 100%. You wanna make sure that when you hit that claw strike for massive damage, that you get that chance for a deathblow. Yeah. Counter-defense is nothing for a claw deathblow. Those things.. shred, like you're tony the tiger eating frosted flakes.

Crane. I guess i'll give a lil love here. Crusader is a great place for them. Light works just as well though so it's a counter argument. Your chi powers are a boon in crusader, but also a detriment due to they take mental energy. If you're in light, healing your mind quick is no problem. So you can use it as much as you want.

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the Enchanting Heroine of Object Manipulation
Got a request from a player for a set of directions for a mastering area for Nerve.

The Cathedral in the past is a great place to master nerve for anyone who just gets the skill. I would highly suggest that when you acquire nerve you head to the Cathedral in the past.

To find the Cathedral you will want to head all north from glyndane, then you want to head a few paces east, and north till you enter the shadow grove that is there.

Once you find the shadow grove, you will have to traverse this area like most mazes in dm. There are I believe four exit points in total here. What you will be looking for is OLD THALOS. Old thalos is the location of this area.

Once you get to OLD THALOS. Head to the west, till you get to the crossroads there. This is the past. Once there, you will want to head off towards the north or south towards the temple guardians there. If you cannot progress past the temple guardians, you may need to ask a player to kill them for you so you can pass through. Follow the square around, till you keep continuing the direction that you entered with. Once you are there, there should be an Altar.

The altar holds a key that will be your key to open and close. If you have to quit, I heavily suggest coming back to the altar, then quitting so you can re-gather the key for yourself. Make sure you come HEAVILY stocked up on WATER/FOOD/ALCHOHOL so you can master nerve here quickly.

At the altar open the downwards trap door here. Once you open the door, there is going to be a set of catacombs beneath. There are branches that head off to the east and west in this place. Each OTHER door here will have sleeping spirits. These spirits you can just set up a trigger for and let nerve go as you watch some youtube/movies. Make sure you set up triggers to eat and drink if you step away.

I heavily suggest setting a high wimpy before you initiate on these spirits. Unless you are familiar with the area, you may strike one of the spirits thats awake. If that happens just flee out of the room and close the door behind you. Head to the next room, east or west and those should be the sleeping ones.

I hope this helps you guys. Enjoy your mastery!

**PS. The altar key you hold, will open a door upwards at the other end of the catacombs. This door will bring you back to the darkmists that are north of the crossroads near Ethshar. So it brings you from Past, to the Future, essentially.

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the Raging Hero
Actually the area has been changed. You can now go to the area through the back door you just have to get the key to get back out. So you don't actually have to go to the past anymore just go from the crossroads Wink
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the Monk Hero
In regard to quests for monks final school specific skill. The tiger skills quest requires 'the sharpest pair of claws in all of thera'' I have tried many reasonable things, but no luck. Anyone have suggestions?
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Bahahaha. Gnome monk. I had one once. Tiger. Branded Xeonauz in Enforcer/Justicer. I forget which. Landed too many deathstrikes. I assume bc of haste. Mwaha.
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He was in Enforcer and his name was Grumsh or something like that.
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the Masquerading Master of Maiming

I appreciate this guide. Might have to make a monk.
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Tried the panther claws from the panther clan by the oriental village?

-The sword is only as sharp as the one who wields it
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Yes I tried the panther claw (dagger) from the panther with the leaping panther necklaces. That's the only claws in that area... unless I'm missing something else - will have a walk around there again. I did try killing a majority of the mobs in the area just in case and no claws.
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the Monk Hero
Is that the only claw there? I remember there was one that was acidic/sharp, and was classified as exotic, maybe? I don't quite remember.

I remember they had nice flags, were average 27 or some such thing, and unlimited, so they could be enchanted. I always got a couple of them when I died on my ninja to regear. I think they were acidic and armor-piercing, and I got them enchanted sharp. Or something.

Also, they were rot_death, so you had to blind and disarm him, or flee and steal them after he picked them up.

Maybe I'm recalling things incorrectly, but I think there were two. One that was limited, and one that wasn't.

I hope that helps, and isn't just a bunch of misinformation for you.

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the Rager
yah, theres some exotic claws of the panther in there somewhere.
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