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Crystal Caverns [message #436] Mon, 19 June 2017 15:34 Go to next message
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the Enigmatically Lost
Well. A quick crystal caverns one (since i see no request for it on the guide forums, tsk).

First of all to get to it, find the two walls south of tyr zinet, head south until the room starts repeating, then head straight east until you can go down. consequently there's something in the room desc on the way down that has to do with the thraccus smith quest AFTER you've collected all the bullshit blue scale for a scalemail that wasn't even remotely worth it pre resist changes (no idea post).

From here the first section of caverns is rather linear. protip is the earlier you go in the day compared to boot the better since the mobs randomly generate themselves over the course of the day. oh yes. and sound hurts. badly. this includes all supplications, warcries, most spells. there is a bug currently where one word spells do not cause damage. gt, ht, do not cause damage. emote can cause damage. the yell when you get attacked will cause damage.

Eventually you'll come to a split in the road. north is some decent stuff from the centaur camp, all of which is tagged and available to see in various darkmists resources. To continue your journey, continue east. Oh, point of note. at the end of the centaur camp there's a cray cray shrine to dielantha's girlfriend in ice. creepy. you can recall there. If you venture eastword instead your path will continue to be linear until you get to an hourglass. Congratulations, you've beaten phase 1 of crystal caverns.

Before entering (enter hourglass) phase 2, let all your buffs fall. let yourself begin starvation/dehydration. then fix it all, and rebuff freshly to give you maximum buff time. then enter the hourglass.

OMG smoke! yah. that's right. you can't see shizzat. at all. and it's a maze kind of thing. MWAHAHAHA. the exit is northeast. basically head east whenever you cant head north (you may be forced west a couple times) and you'll get out fine.

Welcome to phase 3! if you had to use flee to get thru phase 1 or two, thats fine as the monsters will not follow you from phase to phase. Phase 3 is a true maze that shifts itself every reboot. Annoying. As. Hell. Best advice? Find the quadruple junction. theres a part of the maze that remains solid every time: the exiting area. If you run into a room of vents, you've hit the exit area, and need to backtrack to the room before it, head three north, and one east. where you'll meet vilzin, a drow illusionist necro geo thingy with crystal zombies, power word kill, power word boom, and some other nasty stuff. First notable loot: Potential staff of vil'zin, high sp weapon with major drawbacks. there'll also be some other stuff there worth hanging onto, including a shard.

Almost to phase four gents! back to the room of vents, force your way thru, by the way. these things will burn you every tick. yah. yeouch. anyways. then theres a little bit of crystal cavern goodness, then a room of columns. and this is where you really have to have a mentor, else you get screwed. The shard you have is NOT to the door. it's to a 'block'. yah. loot in block, including the key to the door.


Welcome to the gauntlet that introduces you to phase four. you'll notice your in a tunnel full of the nastiest of nastiest of the elementals, it's rather linear. when you can go north, do so. east is a shortcut out. Same with in the room of columns area, east leads out. each section has a 'cough out' direction. anyways. once you go north, the gorgon will attack you. these are home to the famed horns of gorgon that got toned with the size changes, and some decent centaur leggings. moving northwards past him, you can flee, he won't puruse, you hit a huge cavern.

all right. so in each CORNER of this cavern, there's a statue. each of these statues hold a banner. (stats outdated on banners, or should be. these were supposed to be rebuffed to be useful after some gear changes). these statues each are quite the unique fight, i'll not spoil it for you. be prepared for surprises. in a + Symbol around the center of t he room you'll find four mobs. the north one is the source of the wrath book and angelic sceptre (casts level 30 wrath randomly). the book doesn't function. though th eline of the code is there its a 'special line' and not actually functional. sorry paladins! one of those things that never got coded. Mob on the west has shield of defender (request only) and an ascot, white or mauve i forget. skayeths stick of judgement cannot be acquired, sorry. Mob on the right has the white ascot pretty sure, one of the six sp neckpeices. mob on the south end has the eye of cheetah, some 10/10 bodywear, and some pretty crazy eyewear whose stats were recently changed, ethereal blindfold. all of these mobs should have halos that are 50 hp and 50mp.

if you murder your way into the center (or have a lemniscate brand) you can exchange the banners for the lemniscate bannre which randomly refills your mp, and has decent stats. there's also a badass little lemniscate room there. however, if you take the north exit out, you can fight a warrior guy with fist of ram (randomly rams, lagging both you and the enemy), the best earring in game if your not into holypower or spellpower, an amulet that's kind of fun if your a pestilence ap, and potentially the sound immunity suit. the problem here is if you flee past him to the north, your done. there's no way back. In the final room past him, the answer is silence and can net a blue rose that helps you heal when held.

Theres a couple easy ways thru the cavern: Escape, Fear, and Mirror Image. The fear spell is one word, so you can just fear blast your way thru the entire place. mirror image is two words, but once cast, the mobs will attack the mirrors until they are all dead instead of you. Escape allows you to just flee thru each phase, since monsters won't follow you from phase to phase, basically allowing you to skip thru phase 1 and 2.
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the Monk Hero
once at the two walls, go south until first 4 exit room.
Is this the repeated rooms I head east until down?
I tried that and no exit for down showed.
Can someone please elaborate?
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the Rager
Dunno that it's the first four exit room. go south until it starts repeating (when you head south you actually enter the same room you just left. you can tell this by dropping a coin). Then head east, and down should appear.
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the Monk Hero
I actually looked up the survival guide and splythe had the answer there.
I just did what he literally put, 30 paces south from the first four exit room south of the two walls, and then east until down appeared and it worked first time.
Not sure if 30 is necessary but it worked and I'll stick with it Smile
Thanks Wade for replying.
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