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An Old-Fashioned Pfile Purge [message #1645] Tue, 13 November 2018 18:05
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Just so everyone knows, who is active in forum, I did an old fashioned pfile purge.

What that means: I checked the list of active pfiles and singled out those who had
not been played since 2017 (except Immortals) and deleted them. Then I looked at
those who had not played since May 2018 (except Immortals) and deleted them, with
the exception of one RP character involved in a major RP storyline as I am not
fully aware as to whether this character is still supposed to be around or not, and
rather err on the side of not deleting in case the character is still alive and
intends to push a certain storyline forward.

By "not done in the old fashioned way" I mean that I didn't go as recent as 30-31
days ago with the scythe. A number of pfiles that have not been played since June
are still accessible. Because of the many changes made to the nuts and bolts of the
game, I do not have access to do major wipes with the flick of the wrist as I used
to have, and therefore I manually swung the scythe around at the prompt. It took a
bit of time to get done what I got done.

I also did not do any namebanning, this time around, as I have done in the past.
So if ye find that some beloved character name of yers is playing again under someone
else's control, that's pretty much yer fault for not doing yer own maintenance and
deleting when ye got tired of playing the character. Deleting at rank 30 does an
automatic nameban, if I'm not mistaken, and keeps yer character name from being
hijacked by another player. I used to have a nice utility that helped me find all the
characters that needed to be namebanned, but I no longer have that nice utility, so
no namebans went into effect.

--Joja "Kill Them All! -- Well, Almost All -- Okay, Just The Old Ones" Lechium

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