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Blade dancers [message #1204] Thu, 29 March 2018 10:34 Go to next message
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the Hero of the Dancing Blade
Is there a way to master these skills or are they skills that are only useful when they are being used, ie: deflection when someone is attacking with a bow, or dance of virtue when someone is casting maledictions on you? You can't very well go into dance of virtue when someone has you asleep/strangled/blackjacked.
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the Novice Monk
It's been a very long time since I played a blade dancer, but I think you can improve dances just by putting them up. I don't remember having difficulty mastering any of the dances, but I may have leveraged a couple of them. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I would have mastered dance of deflection in the first place, since it's so niche and in the 600 hours I played the character, I never fought someone with archery once.

Wish I could be more help. Hopefully, someone a bit more knowledgeable will come along.
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Piezo is currently offline  Piezo
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the Hero of Air and Storm, Master of the Tower
Dances can be mastered by applying them, but IMO other than Deflection you can master everything else via use.

Virtue trick: Get a buncha stuff plagued, put up the dance, walk around them. Plague tries to trigger on ticks and every time you walk past something plagued. So this will trigger Virtue a bunch.

Alternate trick: I think this still works, but the path to Vela Rofoge hurts you as you pass by it, and if I recall this also trips Virtue. Throw up Ancestors/Virtue and go for a walk. Ancestors should regen what you lose on the walk and you'll master Virtue.

Deflection is really best leveraged, as there are not a lot of mobs who use archery, and the ones who do can do you a hurt.

FYI Virtue only gives you a "second chance" at a saving throw. I don't know the whole of the mechanics, but I understood that it checks twice and uses the better of the two saves. But given how often I've been victim to maladicts while using Virtue, I'm not sure it isn't still a bit off.
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